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Report on the IMU and the Developing World

Commissioned by FIMU and the CDC, the new report “The INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICAL UNION in the DEVELOPING WORLD: Past, Present and Future” has just become available.

It offers a broad view of the role of the IMU in supporting the progress of mathematics and advanced mathematical education in developing nations. It focuses on three primary points:

  • Vibrant communities of mathematical research are vital to the scientic, technological, social, and economic development of every nation. The IMU and its constituencies seek to enhance this vitality through broadly communicating the benets of mathematics.
  • Quality mathematics education for all is the foundation for stronger mathematics worldwide — and a principal goal of the IMU. The teaching and learning of mathematics should keep pace with the needs of modern societies, especially those in the developing world.
  • The IMU and its member countries are committed to expanding mathematical capacity that is based on access to quality mathematics education for all; an emphasis on nurturing mathematical talent and rewarding accomplishment wherever they appear; and provide open access to the full richness of historical and current mathematics literature.

 This report is available HERE. (Redistribution allowed, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to FIMU and the CDC.)